Delivering a Eulogy

Delivering a eulogy for a funeral or memorial service can feel scary.

If you’re not used to public speaking, you may feel nervous or anxious about delivering such an important speech. Reading Good Words: Memorializing through a Eulogy can help! But listening to someone deliver a speech also can be helpful.

Here are three short videos that you can use as you practice the four key public speaking skills of pace, pitch, volume, and rhythm. Each video provides some instruction on what good delivery sounds like through. Parts 1 and 2 use poems and Part 3 uses a eulogy to demonstrate strong public speaking skills.

Beth is available to provide seminars and workshops regarding such topics as:

  • Developing Compassionate Grief Support Systems
  • Grief and Mourning for Clergy
  • Hope for Bereaved Parents
  • Challenges for Bereaved Siblings
  • Writing Out Grief
  • Writing a Eulogy to Honor a Loved One
  • Relighting the Divine Spark Within
  • Mourning with Purpose
  • Hope for the Holidays
  • Mother/Father’s Day Mourning

Beth is available for one-on-one grief coaching in person or by phone.

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Dr. Beth L. Hewett is an experienced grief coach, bereavement facilitator and facilitator trainer, author, public speaker, and writing instructor. Her specialty is mindful mourning with Bead Blessings, writing, and other purposeful activities.

Grief Coaching

Dr. Hewett is a Certified Compassionate Bereavement Care Provider and grief coach. Her philosophy is that we deserve support in the sadness of death. She will listen to your story and walk the grief journey with you.

Grief Publications

  • Good Words: Memorializing Through a Eulogy
  • More Good Words: Practical Activities for Mourning
  • More Good Words: Grief in the Workplace
  • Good Words Booklets


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