Bereavement Coaching

You want your grief to go away, but you’re afraid it never will.  You wonder:

Will it always hurt this much? Will it always feel like a knife in my heart?

Hopeful healing means knowing that grief isn’t an enemy to be pushed away, but a reminder of your love with the deceased. We grieve because we love, and it is perfectly normal to feel sad, confused, and tired with grief. Even though it can feel awful, grief is a gift in many ways! Working with our grief can lead us to new and deeper understanding of those whom we love and of our lives overall.

Here are three truths about grief:

  1. Grief must be embraced to heal.
  2. Grief hurts; mourning helps.
  3. Healing is possible!

A grief coach can make all the difference in the world for your grief.

Beth listens. She understands. She has a calming influence that allows you time to think, to pause in your busy day, and to acknowledge the very real pain that grief can cause. You never have to do the hard work of grieving alone. Beth can help you:

I have worked with many grief counselors trying to recover from my loss.  Beth has more compassion than anyone I have ever encountered.  Her grasp and acceptance of humanity is remarkable.  She is a soothing presence, with thorough understanding of my  grief and has a way of responding that furthers my healing.  I would encourage anyone dealing with loss to engage with Beth.  Kathleen D.

Finding Hope Today, Everyday

Your unique Grief Coaching Program includes:

  • Three, six, or nine 55-minute, personalized individual or family sessions (in-person or by phone) with Dr. Beth Hewett, Certified Compassionate Bereavement Care™ Provider and Grief Coach
  • A copy of More Good Words: Practical Activities for Mourning
  • One hand-made set of Bead Blessings© mourning beads with velveteen carrying bag
  • Personalized check-in messages between sessions
  • Ability to schedule meetings at your convenience through an online calendar


Dr. Beth L. Hewett is an experienced grief coach, bereavement facilitator and facilitator trainer, author, public speaker, and writing instructor. Her specialty is mindful mourning with Bead Blessings, writing, and other purposeful activities.

Grief Coaching

Dr. Hewett is a Certified Compassionate Bereavement Care Provider and grief coach. Her philosophy is that we deserve support in the sadness of death. She will listen to your story and walk the grief journey with you.

Grief Publications

  • Good Words: Memorializing Through a Eulogy
  • More Good Words: Practical Activities for Mourning
  • More Good Words: Grief in the Workplace
  • Good Words Booklets


Telephone: 443-904-6424